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Build Your Lava Crowns™
and Your Business on Dale Dental

Outsourcing Lava

Outsourcing Lava is the easiest way to get started offering genuine Lava copings and bridge frameworks to your dentist customers. Simply send Dale Dental your model work to have us manufacture the precise and esthetic Lava understructures you need. In just a few days you're ready to unpack and stack. Build your Lava crowns and your business on quality Lava copings by Dale Dental.

Because Dale Dental is the world's first dental lab exclusively for other dental labs, we can be counted on to help you grow and protect your business - not compete against it. That dedication means the highest on time performance - better than 98% - on turnaround times as fast as next day. Dale's dedication to you also means unprecedented quality scores exceeding 4.5 out of 5 stars on thousands of feedback scores submitted annually for our Lava frameworks.

Our dedication does not just apply to customers and quality, but to manufacturing excellence as well. Dale Dental is the first dental lab in the USA to become ISO 9001:2000 certified. This globally-recognized designation underscores our commitment to FDA/GMP compliance and helps to give you the confidence and piece-of-mind that your Lava copings are manufactured according the manufacturers training and using only 100% genuine 3M ESPE materials.

You can access the widest range of Lava restorations through Dale Dental Lava outsourcing including Single units and bridge frameworks up to eight units.

Lava copings and bridge frameworks can be customized to fit your esthetic needs. Choose one of seven available shades or leave unshaded for the most natural looking framework from which to build your restorations and your business.
All Lava restorations by Dale Dental are delivered fully finished and seated under microscope for the most intimate fit to your die. You just unpack and stack.

Local Scanning and Remote Milling

The new Lava ST Scanner and Design Station by 3M ESPE is possibly the dental industries most robust and fastest way to turn your models into accurate digital data and get your lab on dentistry's digital highway. Now your lab can take complete control over the scanning and design of its cases and get turnaround times as fast as next day all while saving over 25% on the Lava outsourcing you already do.

Imagine completing your model work and scanning your cases on Monday, and in seconds scanning and designing your coping or framework to your exacting needs. Then simply electronically send the files to Dale Dental where we mill and return your copings back to you in just two days. Or choose to install the Lava Therm sintering oven at your lab and get your milled copings the next day, in the soft, "green" state ready for you to color and sinter. That's what the power of the new Lava ST Scan and Dale Dental Remote Lava milling services can offer.
As an ST Scanner user, your lab you will be trained by 3M and given an Authorized Lava Design Center title to show customers your lab is future-ready. Additionally you can count on the support of your 3M ESPE laboratory and clinical sales reps to help you grow your business.

3M + Dale Dental + You = Success

Contact us today to find out about very special, money saving offers currently taking place on the Lava ST Scanner available only through Dale Dental.

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