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Lava™ Copings by Dale Dental
are Indicated for Success

Single Units in Any Region of the Mouth

Lava crowns have been used to create some of the world’s most esthetic cases since 2003.

Bridges Up to Eight Units1

The proven strength of the Lava system makes it an ideal choice for bridges up to eight units, or 47mm long. Practically any configuration of abutments, pontics and cantilevers can be accommodated in the design of a Lava bridge.

Inlay/Onlay Bridges2,3

Inlay, Onlay and Maryland all ceramic Lava bridges allow a more conservative preparation, at or above the gingival, with only 3-30% of tooth structure lost compared to 63 to 72% lost via conventional preparation (al., 2002 ).

al., D. E. (2002 ). The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry , 87, 5, 503-509.

1 3-6 Unit bridges with a maximum of two bridge units next to one another in the posterior area and a maximum of four bridge units next to one another in the anterior region.
2 Tests have proven: Lava zirconia shows a sufficient strength for this indication. However, this type of indication overall can have a higher failure risk due to de-cementation and secondary caries regardless of manufacturers.
3 Not approved for patients with bruxism.

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